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ANATHEMA: neue Songs im iTunes Music Store

ANATHEMA, die im April mit den Finnen von HIM auf Tour gehen, werden am 18. April drei Songs via iTunes Music Store veröffentlichen. Dabei wird es sich voraussichtlich um die Kompositionen "One day", "Everything" und "Angels walk among us" handeln. Da ANATHEMA zur Zeit ohne Plattenvertrag sind und so keine Finanzierung für das neue Album vorliegt, bitten sie ihre Fans, die Songs im iTunes Music Store käuflich zu erwerben. Das Geld geht direkt an die Band und fließt in die Kasse für das nächste Werk, welches noch dieses Jahr aufgenommen werden soll.

ANATHEMA: Nick Drake-Tribute von Danny

ANATHEMA-Gitarrist Danny Cavanagh hat ein NICK DRAKE-Tribut-Album aufgenommen, welches aller Voraussicht nach die folgenden Songs enthalten wird:

Place To Be
Horn/Things Behind The Sun
From The Morning
Rider On The Wheel
Clothes Of Sand
Northern Sky
One Of These Things First
Hazy Jane 2
River Man
Fruit Tree
Cello Song

Das Album ist strikt limitiert auf 1000 Exemplare. Interessierte sollten sich also schnellstmöglich eine Kopie sichern. Kontakt:

ANATHEMA: Arbeiten am Album beendet/VÖ im November

ANATHEMA haben die Arbeiten an ihrem neuen Album, "The Natural Disaster" beendet. Das Artwork hat erneut Travis Smith übernommen. Angestrebter VÖ ist nach wie vor November. Daniel Cavanagh: "well the album is all finished now and is called a natural disaster. the songs are called harmonium, balance, closer, are you there?, childhood dream, pulled under, a natural disaster, flying, electricity, violence. its about 55 minutes long, has 2 instrumentals, should appeal to some of the anathema fans i am sure. its a decent album, but not one that will be repeated, the next one will be taking a different approach. it should be released around november i guess. the artwork is looking good. travis smith has come up with some decent stuff like. it was recorded and mixed in parkgate studios, apart from 2 songs mixed in nottingham at electric mayhem. it was produced by the band and the engineer dan turner."

ANATHEMA: Arbeitstitel zum neuen Album

ANATHEMA-Gitarrist Danny Cavanagh hat Details zum neuen Album bekannt gegeben, das aller Voraussicht nach "The Natural Disaster" heißen wird.
Hier die Arbeitstitel und Dannys Kommentare:
1. sheen
2. harmonium
3. closer
4. blame?
5. childhood dream
6. pulled under at two thousand metres a second
7. the natural disaster
8. flying
9. violence
11. secret track

"style: classic anathema...experimental. intense, emotional, very heavy and very truthful.
release: autumn
verdict: in a world of its own ;)"

ANATHEMA: arbeiten fleißig an neuen Songs

ANATHEMA arbeiten an neuen Songs. Studio ist für Mai oder Juni geplant, das nächste Album soll aller Voraussicht nach im Herbst erscheinen. Dazu Danny Cavanagh:

"The demos for the next album(s) are coming along well, Jamie (Cavanagh - bass) arrives in England today to start rehearsals for the gigs and for the albums too. He has some great new material. Similarly do the rest of the guys. There is such a wealth of songs that our biggest difficulty is gonna be to make one album from all the great stuff on offer. Not sure of the title yet, but the plan is to make it this year in time for an autumn release. Song titles include The Natural Disaster, Closer, and Flying. We are getting along very well now and the albums should be strong when they are done. We hope to go into a studio in May/June for a couple of weeks, mapping out everything that we have, jamming live and just generally being creative. After that, we´ll see what the best album we can make is, and go forward to do that."