ANATHEMA: Ohne Gitarrist

Gitarrist Daniel Cavanagh hat ANATHEMA, die ohne ihn wohl unter gleichem Namen weiterbestehen werden, verlassen. Offenbar fühlte er sich bei der Band nicht mehr wohl, er wird aber weiterhin bei ANTIMATTER Musik machen. Das offizielle Statement gibt es hier:

Hello everyone. I suppose it’s time to tell you this now…I have left Anathema for various resons. The best reason is because I now play songs with Duncan Patterson and Michael Moss in Antimatter. This is a good situation and I want you all to know that I am much happier doing this. There is a lot less tension and pressure and there is no “frontman”. Our songs are going to be very good, and alot closer to the true Anathema of Alternative 4, Eternity and songs like Temporary Peace…the other guys will carry on without me and I say good luck to them, though I feel a change of name would be more appropriate as they are now a totally different band altogether! You’ll hear from us soon…

– Daniel Cavangh