Year Of No Light"

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SACRED OUTCRY: Let me tell you the story of The Sacred Chronicles! [English]

It was kind of an odyssey for the greek epic metal-band SACRED OUTCRY to get their first album “Damned For All Time” finished and released. With th successor “Towers Of Gold” things went a lot faster, but this was not at the expense of quality. On the contrary, with "Towers Of Gold" SACRED OUTCRY have secured themselves a place in my Top 3 of the year. I took the opportunity to send the band head and last remaining founding member George Apalodimas an extensive questionnaire.

SWALLOW THE SUN, AVATARIUM, SHORES OF NULL: Konzertbericht – Backstage Halle, München – 30.04.2023

Das aktuelle SWALLOW THE SUN-Album "Moonflowers" (2021) ist schon eine Weile erhältlich, doch erst jetzt kommt auch München in den Genuss einer dedizierten Headliner-Show. Das lassen wir uns natürlich nicht entgehen, zumal mit AVATARIUM und SHORES OF NULL schon auf dem Papier für ein wirklich wundervolles Vorprogramm gesorgt ist.
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