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EYES OF EDEN: Neue Band um Waldemar Sorychta

EYES OF EDEN sind die neue Band um Gitarrist Waldemar Sorychta, der vielen als Musiker (DESPAIR, GRIP INC.) und als Produzent (TIAMAT, MOONSPELL, SENTENCED, LACUNA COIL) ein Begriff sein dürfte. Musikalisch soll den Hörer orchestralen Gothic Metal/Rock erwarten, einen ersten Eindruck kann man sich auf der MySpace-Seite der Band verschaffen, wo es derzeit drei Songs zum Anhören gibt:

SACRED OUTCRY: Let me tell you the story of The Sacred Chronicles! [English]

It was kind of an odyssey for the greek epic metal-band SACRED OUTCRY to get their first album “Damned For All Time” finished and released. With th successor “Towers Of Gold” things went a lot faster, but this was not at the expense of quality. On the contrary, with "Towers Of Gold" SACRED OUTCRY have secured themselves a place in my Top 3 of the year. I took the opportunity to send the band head and last remaining founding member George Apalodimas an extensive questionnaire.
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