SOLITUDE AETURNUS: ein Lebenszeichen

SOLITUDE AETURNUS: ein Lebenszeichen

Wer SOLITUDE AETURNUS inzwischen wirklich schon komplett abgeschrieben hat, darf jetzt wieder Hoffnung schöpfen! Es gibt ein Lebenszeichen von der Band! John Perez hat sich wohl durch die vielen Anfragen der vergangenen Tage (die er in Verbindung mit dem Erscheinen der Band auf der CANDLEMASS-DVD sieht) dazu verpflichtet gefühlt, ein paar Worte zur derzeitigen Situation der Band zu verfassen und dementiert damit alle Gerüchte, die Band würde nicht mehr existieren. Tatsächlich haben SOLITUDE AETURNUS im Mai letzten Jahres ihren langjährigen Proberaum verloren und waren vor allem aus persönlichen Gründen für ein Jahr völlig inaktiv, was die Band angeht. Dennoch haben SOLITUDE AETURNUS derzeit 13 Songs in der Hinterhand, mit denen die Texaner allerdings noch nicht derart zufrieden sind, dass sie damit an die Öffentlichkeit gehen wollen. Perez beschreibt die neuen Stücke mehr „klassisch“, mit den üblichen SOLITUDE AETURNUS-Ecken und Kanten – traditioneller und doch „slow motion evil doom“. Nach aktueller Planung soll es im späten Frühjahr ins Studio gehen. Der Vertrag mit Massacre Records besteht dabei nach wie vor, ob hierzulande aber auch die geplanten Re-Releases der beiden ersten Alben inklusive diversem Bonus-Material erscheinen werden, ist uns derzeit nicht bekannt. Eine Veröffentlichung der Werke ist bei Perez´ Label ebenfalls für das Frühjahr geplant.

Hier die Newsmittelung von John:

Heaviest metal greetings to one and all. Our

apologies for the impersonal form newsletter here but for some reason we’ve (I’ve!) been getting swamped with requests for information on Solitude Aeturnus over the last few months. Not sure why, maybe the recent appearance on the Candlemass DVD has rekindled

some interest. Regardless, here’s some news for all you heavy maniacs out there!

Solitude Aeturnus is still together. A question I’m often asked and there is the answer. It is true that we haven’t done anything at all for well over a year

now. But we have good excuses you know? Kidding aside, everyone in the band has been quite busy with their own personal lives and especially myself. Main problem being that we were kicked out of our longtime rehearsal spot (had been there for 7 years) since last

May and since then have not been able to secure a new one. Mostly due to all of us being completely strapped for cash and since the average price of a rehearsal space is $300 we simply haven’t been able to afford one since then.

So, songwriting has taken some time to finish for our next, as of yet untitled album. At this time (Feb 8th 2003) we’ve nearly completed 13 new songs but still have some work before we’re satisfied with the results. So far the songs are sounding more classic

than ever with the usual twists and turns that makes SA what it is. We’ve incorporated some more „traditional metal“ elements to a greater degree than before as well as keeping the slow motion evil doom intact. All told I feel this will be another album that will satisfy both ourselves and our long standing

fans of the band. Quality control is always of upmost importance to us and we promise to deliver music to you that we feel is worthy of your time and attention.

That’s the way it’s always been and always will. This is just a guestimate but we’re planning on being in the studio by late spring. That’s the plan and we’re doing everything possible to stay on track for

it. Massacre is still the label overseas and

Olympic/Century Media for the United States.

Live shows are planned for later this year, most notably in Greece, where we have been invited to play two shows. A possible short European tour as well and who knows – maybe a U.S. tour again? At least some U.S. dates are being planned after the albums release

although nothing definite yet. Unfortunately touring the states is rather difficult to do at this time. Time off work (yes – all of us work „real“ jobs), money to travel, food, lodging etc. make it almost impossible to do without spending tons of money in the process.

A re-release of our first and second album is planned on my label Brainticket Records. Into the Depths of Sorrow and Beyond the Crimson Horizon have now been out of print for several years and the demand is high

so we’ll get them out in the late spring as well. We’ll include some bonus trax (demo versions of songs, plus one or two unreleased) and some new liner notes

as well. Speaking of Brainticket Records, we’ve also released my new side project The Liquid Sound Company – Inside the Acid Temple. It’s a complete psychedelic

music voyage into sound. Most SA fans loved the first one and the same seems to hold true for this as well.

If you haven’t checked it out yet please do so at the Brainticket Records webpage –

And lastly it’s been brought to our attention that the new Candlemass DVD out now includes us doing a cover of „Well of Souls“ by the almighty Mass themselves. I haven’t seen it yet so I have no idea where it comes

from or the quality (jeezus I hope we sound good on it!). We used to play that song in our live set from the early days quite a bit! This DVD will soon be released in North America on NTSC format (right now it’s only available as an import and in PAL format –

not playable on U.S. players) so we’ll be stocking it in the Brainticket Records catalog as soon as it comes out. In the meantime also check out some of our great

stuff for sale at the Brainticket web address above including the latest from Last Chapter – Paths to Always. Very orthodox doom metal in the tradition of SA, Trouble and Candlemass.

Many thanks for all of your support over the years.

This is literally was has kept me going for so long.

It’s a tough business and really all we care about is the music so it’s gratifying to see so many people connecting with what we do.

Stay Heavy

John Perez/Solitude Aeturnus/Brainticket Records