EIDOLON: Pause nach dem kommenden Album

EIDOLON: Pause nach dem kommenden Album

Durch die Verpflichtungen von Shawn und Glen Dover in MEGADETH wird das kommende EIDOLON Album für absehbare Zeit das letzte sein. Ab Anfang Januar wird The Parallel Otherworld gemixt, auf ein genaues Releasdate will sich die Band allerdings nicht festlegen. Irgendwann 2006 eben. Das Statement zur aktuellen Situation, entnommen von der offiziellen EIDOLON Homepage:

At this time, we are in the process of getting the remaining tracks recorded for the Eidolon record – Nils has just finished the vocal tracks 100% today, so we should be receiving them at the studio in Toronto in a few weeks, after editing is done in Norway. Adrian has 2 bass tracks yet to complete, which I believe will happen within 1 week – Glen has all of his guitar solos to record, which is normal procedure for us, as he likes to do his solos last. With this said, we are looking at mixing/mastering this record starting January 1st-9th. Once the record is finished, we ship it off to Escapi – I cannot reveal the release date, as I have no idea when it will be released. Sometime in 2006 is a safe bet, I assume.

Since this will be the last Eidolon record for some time ( our priority is with MEGADETH ) we really wanted to have some musicians that we admire to play on certain tracks – As I write this, we have Hank Sherman/Michael Denner ( Mercyful Fate/Force of evil ) playing on The Oath which, by the way, sounds amazing!!!! Glen sent me a file of the song, via Whale Mail and it just put a big smile on my face. Glen handled the keyboard intro to the song ( we originally thought of using somebody else to record it, but nixed the idea ) it all sounds great – enough said on that.

As well, we have Michael Romeo ( Symphony X ) doing a trade off solo with Glen on another track, and we just confirmed Kim Mitchell ( Max Webster, Kim Mitchell band ) for a trade off solo with Glen as well. I cannot express how happy I am to have Kim perform on our record, as we have been huge fans of his playing, as well as Michael Romeo – we became good friends with him during Gigantour, so this was a no-brainer, really.

The 1 thing I will always be proud of with Eidolon, after 10 years now, is that we always did what we wanted to do, 100%, and never catered to whatever trend was happening at the time. We always made music to make US happy 1st – the fact that others like us is just icing on the cake!!! We never sold 1,000,000 record or anything like that, but we never cared about that anyways. Music was, is and will always be the #1 priority with Glen and myself.