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ATLANTEAN KODEX: neues Album "The White Goddess – A grammar of poetic myth"

"AtlanteanDie Epic Metal-Band ATLANTEAN KODEX veröffentlicht am 4. Oktober ihr zweites Album "The White Goddess - A grammar of poetic myth".

Diese Songs sind darauf zu hören: I. Trumpets of Doggerland (There were Giants in the Earth in those Days). II. Sol Invictus (With Faith and Fire), III. Bilwis (Sorcery and Witchcraft in Eastern Bavaria), IV. Heresiarch (Thousandfaced Moon), V. Twelve Stars and an Azure Gown (An Anthem for Europa), VI. Der Untergang der Stadt Passau (Flaming Sword of the Watcher), VII. Enthroned in Clouds and Fire (The Great Cleansing), VIII. White Goddess unveiled (Crown of the Sephiroth).

Zum Cover von  "The White Goddess - A grammar of  poetic myth":
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