ZUUL FX: Blast steigt aus

ZUUL FX: Blast steigt aus

Nach dreijähriger Bandzugehörigkeit steigt Gitarrist Blast bei ZUUL FX aus beruflichen Gründen aus. Die Band sucht derzeit einen neuen Mann an der Gitarre, um die anstehende Tour im Mai zusammen mit IMPALED NAZARENE absolvieren zu können.

Das offizielle Statement von Blast:

After three years in the band, I´m forced to leave Zuul FX for professional reasons.

Until today, I could easily manage the distance between me and the other members of the band, but with my new work schedule, it´s not possible anymore.

I’ve always wanted to push the band forward but I will unfortunately not be able to ensure my availability from now on.

I would like to thank all the people who support Zuul Fx, fans, friends, promoters and the label… and overall my second family, Steeve, Shag, Aurel and the technical staff, I wish them a good and long metal n´roll way !!!

As for me, being unable to stay musically inactive, a new project will be born soon, with people like Maik (Nostromo) and Ben (Sybreed). But first I need a break!

See ya soon on the road!