TRAGEDY IN HOPE: zweiter Song vom neue Symphonic Black Metal Album “Sleep Paralysis”

Die Symphonic Black Metal-Band TRAGEDY IN HOPE hat nach “Fighting With The Rain” mit “Insomnious Autumnal Night” einen zweiten Song ihres kommenden Albums “Sleep Paralysis” veröffentlicht. Es ist das erste Album der Russen, die 2019 mit “Smile at Death” eine erste EP veröffentlicht hatten.

Zum Thema des Albums meint Komponist Sasha Giller: “The story of the album starts when the protagonist wakes up in a dream and goes to the mirror where he sees a twisted image of himself, the phantom monster of sleep paralysis. He escapes the place he found himself in, trying to run away from the bleak reality. He flies among white clouds trying to find a rainbow, but falls to the ground when thunderclouds and a storm come.

The world beneath the clouds is filled with rains and a piercing cold. To find a rainbow there seems to be impossible and the darkness slowly starts to swallow him as many others before. He doesn’t give up chasing it, but the truth is, it is him, who is the phantom monster behind the mirror. He is just the mind projection of the true protagonist, who sleeps paralysed seeing nightmares. He tries to explain to the true protagonist that they are two parts of the whole one and only if they accept each other, they both will be able to escape the dark world they are stuck in. But when sleep paralysis finally ends, a lucid dream starts again.”

Neben Gitarrist, Bassist und Sänger Sasha Giller ist noch Drummer Alexander Dovgan Teil der Band. Als Produzent fungierte Vladimir Lehtinen (SECOND TO SUN, VINTERGATA), während das Cover-Artwork von Alexander Moroz stammt.

Das Debütalbum von TRAGEDY IN HOPE wird am 12. Februar 2021 erscheinen.

TRAGEDY IN HOPE “Sleep Paralysis” Tracklist

1. Lucid dream
2. The Celebration Of Despair And Woe
3. Fighting With The Rain (Audio bei Bandcamp)
4. Winter Wedding Ceremony
5. The Mistress Of Dark Art
6. Nightmare Lullaby
7. Insomnious Autumnal Night (Audio bei YouTube)
8. Sleep Paralysis