MACHINE MEN: hören auf

MACHINE MEN: hören auf

Die finnische Melodic Metal-Band MACHINE MEN hat sich aufgelöst, da eine weitere Zusammenarbeit aus verschiedenen Gründen kaum umzusetzen ist. Die Musiker trennen sich in Freundschaft und gehen eigene musikalische Wege.

Das Statement der Band:

Dear Fans of Machine Men,

Things have been quiet for the past 2 years. During this time we have gone through many changes and we have been thinking about the future of the band. Unfortunately we feel that the challenges as a band would be too hard to overcome. After long conversations we have decided that the story of MACHINE MEN ends here. It´s better to end what we started together without bitterness than to make a new album we couldn´t put our hearts and souls into. We wouldn´t be the five guys that stuck together no matter what. We would be something else, not MACHINE MEN.

This band has been the centre of our lives for over a decade. During these years we have experienced great and unforgettable moments on the road (and off). The thanks goes to all the people who have supported us and have come to see our gigs. It hasn´t been an easy ride but yet we have taken all the shit with our heads held high. After all we are from Suolahti for fuck´s sake! Even though it´s sad, we end this with smiles on our faces and with loads of good memories to share over a pint.
The story of the band ends here but we´ll continue to make music as individuals. We are grateful to so many people but most of all we would like to thank our fans – without you we would have been nothing!

With deepest respect,
Machine Men: Antony, J-V, Jarno, Eero & Jani

Frank Hellweg
Frank (“WOSFrank”) ist seit 2002 bei vampster und alt genug, um all die spannenden Bands live gesehen zu haben, als die selber noch jung und wild waren! Er kümmert sich um Reviews, News und andere Artikel sowie um interne Hintergrundarbeit. Lieblingsbands: TROUBLE, CANDLEMASS, BLACK SABBATH, SWALLOW THE SUN. Genres: Doom, Stoner, Classic/Retro/Hard Rock, US/Power Metal, Southern/Blues Rock, Psychedelic/Progressive Rock, Singer/Songwriter.