EIDOLON: Neues Album kommt mit Bonus-CD

EIDOLON: Neues Album kommt mit Bonus-CD

Das neue EIDOLON-Album Apostles of Defiance ist fertig und wird am 06. Oktober 2003 erscheinen. Die limitierte erste Auflage des Werks wird zusätzlich das komplette Zero Hour-Album beinhalten, das seit langer Zeit vergriffen ist. Zusätzlich gibt es einige Bilder der Band aus der damaligen Zeit und den Video-Clip zu Coma Nation.

Hier das Statement von Schlagzeuger Shawn Drover:

This is our ultimate heavy metal statement we have made as a band, period!!!! We have really busted out balls to make sure this record is the best we could possibly make it to be – we are very pleased with the outcome! The people who dig our music know that our music cannot be digested in just 1 listen, and with A.O.D it is even more diverse and twisted than ever before!!! Once again, we have everything from full-blown 100 % speed metal, to slow crushing tunes, more progressive/weird/atmospheric stuff and two 10

minute epic tunes – in other words, a very twisted record! To me, it is extremely boring and predictable to make the same record over and over – of course there is nothing wrong in doing that – it is just not

something that interests us at all .We really strive to always make sure that we improve with each record, in terms of musical performance, production, everything – believe me,  APOSTLES OF DEFIANCE will melt your face – I personally guarantee this!