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IRON MASK: "Black As Death" – neues Album im Dezember

Die Power / Heavy Metal-Band IRON MASK hat einen Vertrag bei AFM RECORDS unterschrieben. Das neue Album "Black As Death" wird bereits im Dezember 2011 erscheinen. Nähere Details hat die Formation zwar noch nicht veröffentlicht, Gitarrist Dushan Petrossi kommentiert die Vertragsunterzeichnung jedoch wie folgt:

"Almost 10 years ago IRON MASK was founded as my second band, beside MAGIC KINGDOM. But by time it became more and more the focus of my work, and also IRON MASK became the more successful of the two bands. I feel really pushed to release our new album "Black As Death" with AFM Records, which is a huge step forward for us in terms of promotion and distribution."