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RAY WILSON: neues Video

RAY WILSON: neues Video

Am 7. Oktober erscheint das neue RAY WILSON-Album Makes Me Think About Home über Jaggy D. Zum Song They Never Should Have Sent You Roses gibt es ein neues Video, wie gewohnt ist RAY auch wieder auf ausgedehnter Tour.

RAY WILSON: Video zu They Never Should Have Sent You Roses bei youtube

Tourdaten bei vampster: RAY WILSON

Das sagt WILSON: In the song, the English girl leaves the Scottish boy and his love for her drives him to contemplate suicide. The rose is of course the national flower of England, hence, they never should have sent you roses. My ex-wife was English, I also lived in England and my stepfather is English, so there is perhaps a slight parallel somewhere, however it is fictional in the song. She could perhaps be of a higher class, him a working class, which also makes it more difficult to be together, due to family pressure and different upbringing.

Frank Hellweg
Lebensmotto "stay slow", Doomer halt.... Love & Peace geht auch immer, nur ohne Musik geht nichts!