OMNIUM GATHERUM: Vertrag bei Lifeforce

OMNIUM GATHERUM: Vertrag bei Lifeforce


OMNIUM GATHERUM haben einen Vertrag bei LIFEFORCE RECORDS unterschrieben. Die Finnen geben an, dass das Songwriting für ihr fünftes Album bereits nahezu komplett abgeschlossen ist und dass sie noch im August ins Studio gehen wollen. Weitere Details sind noch nicht bekannt. Ein Statement von Jukka und Markus lest ihr hier:
We’re very pleased to announce that Omnium Gatherum is now a part of the Lifeforce Records family. After a lot of consideration and negotiating with many parties, we came to a conclusion that Lifeforce is the way to go! They’ve been showing the right kind of interest in us for some time now and it seems that they have the same honest attitude towards music and mayhem as we do.

The material for the 5th Omnium Gatherum masterpiece is now almost finished and we’re ready and 100% confident to hit the studio in the end of August. This time we’ve really put a lot of time and effort on the pre-production of the stuff. It’s going to be an epic and massive attack of ever flowing stream of Finnish “melodic death metal”, straight from the souls of black.

The album will be out early spring ‘11 and before that the Omnium Gatherum crew will escape from  the studio and tour Finland with Dark Tranquillity Oct./Nov.

See you on the road folks!


Florian Schaffer
Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore, Post Metal, Progressive, Rock, Thrash Metal.