OBSCURA: Veröffentlichen Demoaufnahmen und Cover-Songs in Eigenregie

OBSCURA: Veröffentlichen Demoaufnahmen und Cover-Songs in Eigenregie

Die Progressive Death Metal-Band OBSCURA veröffentlicht nächstes Jahr, voraussichtlich im März Illegimitation, eine Compilation mit verschiedenen Demo-Aufnahmen und Cover-Songs. Das Cover für Illegimitation stammt erneut von Orion Landau.

Das Album wird von der Band in Eigenregie veröffentlicht und soll durch Vorbestellungen finanziert werden. Es sind mehrere Versionen vorbestellbar.

Die Tracklist von Illegimitation liest sich wie folgt:

Illegimitation Demo (2003)
01. …And All Will Come To An End
02. Crucified
03. Fear
04. Immanent Desaster

Cosmogenesis Pre-Production Aufnahmen (2006)
05. Incarnated
06. Open The Gates
07. Headworm

2011 neu aufgenommene Cover-Songs:
08. Flesh And The Power It Holds (DEATH cover)
09. Piece Of Time (ATHEIST cover)
10. How Could I (CYNIC cover)

Vorbestellen könnt ihr das Album hier: Illegimitation bei kickstarter.com

Das Statement von Steffen Kummerer:

After the immense feedback for the re-release of our debut album ´Retribution´ and 10.000 sold copies of that record, fans were asking for our early recordings and the material we wrote before hooking up with Relapse Records. Our very first record, ´Illegimitation´ was tracked in 2003 with our long term producer V.Santura and shows the beginning of this band back in 2002. Additionally, we will provide you with unreleased recordings done in 2006 after our first European tour with Suffocation where you´ll find songs such as ´Incarnated´ in it´s original form. To round out this release we will head into the studio and record three songs that influenced this band since the beginning up to the present – Death – Flesh and the Power it holds, Atheist – Piece of Time and Cynic – How Could I?.

I am glad to show every fan that is interested in our roots where we come from and how things developed within the first ten years of Obscura. This is a release directly from the band  and for our die-hard fans and friends.  The CD edition will contain a full-color 20 page booklet with the complete history of the band, never-before-seen photos out of our own archives and recordings of the three known lineups. The LP edition will be pressed on colored vinyl in an extremely limited quantity and with a gatefold cover. Once again, the talented Orion Landau will provide us with his unique artworks to make this another special release in our history.

Additionally, this will be a independent release so we can give our fans the opportunity to participate in the project and offer special packages such as a livelong free entry to all Obscura shows, limited edition items, face to face lessons with our members, and tour-used gear from the band!”