MONOLITHE: streamen Funeral Doom Album “Okta Khora” vorab wegen Leak

Die Funeral Doom Metal-Band MONOLITHE hat weit vorab des physischen Release-Termins ihr kommendes Album “Okta Khora” als Stream und zum digitalen Download zur Verfügung gestellt. Grund dafür ist, dass das achte Album der Franzosen geleakt wurde und seitdem in minderer Qualität im Internet herumgeistert.

MONOLITHE “Okta Khora” Stream bei YouTube

MONOLITHE “Okta Khora” Stream bei Bandcamp

Statement von MONOLITHE zum “Okta Khora” Leak:

“This may come as a surprise, but MONOLITHE and LES ACTEURS DE L´OMBRE have decided to release the band´s new album “Okta Khora” in its digital version today. You can listen and buy the album in its entirety right now at the following location:

Why an early digital release?

It has happened before and it will happen again: the album leaked on Internet. While this has been part of the game for a long time, it is still a huge blow to artists, especially those with a moderate audience, when their music gets stolen and made available online such a long time before the release (more than 2 months in this case).

Now, our promotion plan is basically fucked. We might lose many sales. Less sales equals less money, less money equals forthcoming difficulties to produce another album in the future. The equation is simple.

“Okta Khora” is the product of more than one year of hard work and it is, in our opinion, a damn fine piece of Doom Metal. We can´t stress out enough how disrespectful it is to steal our work and put it online so early before the release. And while we have totally accepted and embraced the fact that the album will inevitably end up online outside of our control after it has been released, seeing it already uploaded, in an absolutely atrocious quality (128K mp3) is a very cruel reward for the time, energy and creativity we have put into this. Is it fair to work your ass off and get fucked for it?

The leak appeared first on a Russian website a few days ago. We are 90% sure that it has been uploaded by someone with an access to the online press folders provided by the label to the medias. If this person really works for a media, then double shame on him/her. If we cannot trust people we are working hand in hand with, what can we do? Well, maybe just stop doing music? Maybe. Honestly, we´ve been thinking about it.

Anyway. What´s done is done. The least we can do now is to provide the real thing and a better listening experience than those crappy illegal mp3s. We hope that you enjoy the album and support us by buying it and/or any other MONOLITHE merchandising.

Thank you and feel free to share this statement.”

Zuvor gab es den eröffnenden Instrumental-Track “Okta Khora (Part 1)” und den Video-Clip “Onset of the Eighth Cycle” von “Okta Khora” zu hören.

“Okta Khora” wurde von Jari Lindholm (ENSHINE, EXGENESIS) gemixt und gemastert. Das Cover-Artwork stammt von Alexander Preuss.

Das neue Album von MONOLITHE wird als CD und auf Vinyl am 31. Januar 2020 via Les Acteurs de l´Ombre Productions erscheinen.

MONOLITHE “Okta Khora” Tracklist

1 – Okta Khora (Part 1) (Audio bei YouTube)
2 – Onset of the Eighth Cycle (Video bei YouTube)
3 – Dissonant Occurrence
4 – Ignite the Heavens (Part 1)
5 – Ignite the Heavens (Part 2)
6 – The Great Debacle
7 – Disrupted Firmament
8 – Okta Khora (Part 2)

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