GLUECIFER: haben sich aufgelöst

Die norwegischen Rock´n´Roller GLUECIFER haben sich nach elfjährigem Bestehen aufgelöst. Im Anhang gibt es die offizielle Pressemitteilung:

Die norwegischen Rock´n´Roller GLUECIFER haben sich nach elfjährigem Bestehen aufgelöst. Im Anhang gibt es die offizielle Pressemitteilung:

What was meant to be one year off has taking a different course.

GLUECIFER has officially broken up. Biff Malibu & Raldo Useless have decided to quit the band.

Through the past decade, Gluecifer has had a busy touring schedule and a constant album release rate. They have been one of the few Norwegian bands to enjoy such a successful international career. Doing this takes a lot of hard work, dedication and a serious amount of motivation.

Biff & Raldo feel that they do not have what it takes to make another album or to tour anymore.

Captain Poon says, “To begin a whole new process of writing and recording, and all the touring that comes with, takes a lot of goodwill. You can’t pretend, it’s gotta be a 110% thing. If you lose that feeling, it makes no sense anymore. Breaking up is the only right decision, even though I’m truly sad about the matter. I think we released our best record so far in 2004, and hanging it up one year later makes no sense to me. But anyway, they lost that certain feeling, and there’s nothing you can do about it, when it’s gone.”

Gluecifer has devoted fans from as far up north as Tromso Norway, all the way south to Cadiz Spain, and all the way west to San Fransisco USA. Those fans have all been responsible for making Gluecifer what it is.

Captain Poon says “Our fans have always meant a lot to us. They have supported us and turned this band around from being a serious hobby into a serious profession. Being in a successful band has a lot of benefits, but the biggest benefit will always be the support and loyalty from our fans. You know who you are, and we give you all our thanks and respect.

There is no point in pretending that everyone are OK with this development. The other members of Gluecifer were looking forward to start working on a new album in 2006. Unfortunately, without Biff & Raldo, the rest of the guys do not have the will to do it.

Captain Poon says “Biff and Raldo have had a big impact on the Gluecifer sound. Making another Gluecifer record, without them, doesn’t feel honest. I would prefer that people remember us as something fresh and positive. That could easily go down the drain if we gave it a shot with a new singer, and a new guitarplayer. It sucks, but a fact is a fact.”

Captain Poon, who formed Gluecifer together with Biff in 1994, and since then has devoted all his time to the band, says that he still has a lot to do in rock, and that he will continue his career in a new band.

Danny Young is presently in Los Angeles, attending classes at Musicians Institute.

Stu Manx is playing with his new band The 3856.

Presently, Raldo Useless and Biff Malibu have no definite plans to make new records or play in new bands

Breaking up is a tough and sensitive decision. Gluecifer has, through all these years of touring, played in front of hundreds of thousands, and made lot of friends and fans. To those who have followed them through all these years, the band wants to say a last goodbye. Your dedication and interest has been crucial to the success of Gluecifer.

The band will announce a short run of shows, in what they consider “key cities” in Sept/Oct. Dates and locations will be announced soon.

Respect the rock,


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