ALTARS OF GRIEF: Neues Album “Iris”

ALTARS OF GRIEF: Neues Album “Iris”

Die Funeral Doom / Black Metal-Band ALTARS OF GRIEF hat mit “Iris” ihr kommendes Album angekündigt. Das nach “This Shameful Burden” (2014) zweite Album der Kanadier wird am 21. März 2018 via Hypnotic Dirge Records erscheinen. “Iris” wurde von Justin Bender (THIRD ION, Ex-INTO ETERNITY) in den Blue Door Recording & Retrosleep Studios in Regina (CAN) produziert.

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ALTARS OF GRIEF “Iris” Tracklist:

1. Isolation
2. Desolation (Audio bei Bandcamp)
3. Iris
4. Child of Light
5. Broken Hymn
6. Voices of Winter (Audio bei Bandcamp)
7. Becoming Intangible
8. Epilogue

Kommentar von ALTARS OF GRIEF-Sänger Damian Smith:

“The story of “Iris” is very much rooted in our prairie surroundings and deals with the struggles of addiction, sickness and religion. A father finds himself unable to connect with and care for his young daughter, Iris, who has fallen seriously ill. Spiralling deeper and deeper into his vices, and feeling rejected by Iris´ new found and unwavering faith, he gets into his car and decides to leave her behind. Somewhere along the icy road, he loses control of his vehicle and perishes. His purgatory is to watch helplessly as Iris slowly succumbs to her illness without him.”

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