TURBONEGRO: Deal mit Burning Heart Records

TURBONEGRO: Deal mit Burning Heart Records

Nach dem Auftritt von TURBONEGRO beim diesjährigen BIZARRE, folgt nun diese Nachricht: TURBONEGRO unterschreiben nach ihrem Split einen Plattenvertrag bei BURNING HEART RECORDS. Ein Album soll diesen Herbst aufgenommen und nächstes Frühjahr veröffentlicht werden. Hier ist das offizielle Statement des Labels:

„Burning Heart Records is proud to present the signing of TURBONEGRO.

Turbonegro, surely the most threatening combo to ever leave the fjords of Norway, the band spent a good ten years wreaking havoc on rock’n’roll, sexual stereotypes, European and American stages, as well as their own bodies and minds, before dissolving in the waiting room of a psychiatric emergency ward in Milan, Italy 1998.

Before the split up, TURBONEGRO released numerous earth shattering & life-changing records as „Apocalypse Dudes“, „Never Is Forever“ and „Ass Cobra“ to mention a few. Many consider them the founders of Scandinavian Rock.

The band reformed in the summer of 2002, making unforgettable appearances on the „Res-Erection Tour“, headlining at Festivals in Sweden (Hultsfred), Norway (Quart) and Germany (Bizarre).

After the successful Festival tour, the band has decided to make a new album that will be recorded this fall and be released by Burning Heart Records worldwide in the Spring of 2003.

-„I am extremely proud to see TURBONEGRO on the label“ says Burning Heart Records Head of A&R / Managing Director Peter Ahlqvist. I think their album „Apocalypse Dudes“ is one of the most important albums released during the 90’s, and their decision to make a new album is excellent news“.

-„We are very happy to have signed with Burning Heart, and chose them – instead of the shitty multi-national labels that were trying to sign us – due to their general good looks and long-time dedication to the Scandinavian underground“, says bass player Happy-Tom.

-„There’s always been an uncontrollable dark force driving the band forward, I guess recording a new album was inevitable“, says Rune Rebellion,


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