REAPER: “The Atonality of Flesh” – Old School Blackend Speed Metal aus Schweden

REAPER stellen ihr neues Album “The Atonality of Flesh” vor und haben die Songs “Raid The Heavens” und “Dogs Of The Crumbled Firmament” im Netz geteilt.

“The Atonality of Flesh”, das zweite Album der schwedischen Old School Black/Speed Metal-Band, erscheint am 5. März 2021 via Iron Bonehead Productions.

REAPER  “The Atonality of Flesh” Tracklist

1. Intro
2. Dogs of The Crumbled Firmament (Stream bei
3. The Sweetness of The Wound
4. Come Nature, Come Cruelty, Come Death
5. Nightgaunts
6. Raid The Heavens (Stream bei Soundcloud)
7. Saturn Devours
8. Architecture of The Flame
9. Me, You and The Juices of Death
10. Thru With You
11. Rise Epimetheus
12. Piss, Bile and Violence
13. Outro