HAIL OF BULLETS: ohne Martin van Drunen

HAIL OF BULLETS: ohne Martin van Drunen

HAIL OF BULLETS haben sich von ihrem Sänger Martin van Drunen (ASPHYX) getrennt. Sämtliche geplante Konzerte sind fürs erste abgesagt. Das offizielle Statement der holländischen Death Metal-Band liest sich wie folgt: 

We are sorry to announce that Martin Van Drunen is no longer part of HAIL OF BULLETS. On a personal level, it´s no longer possible for us to continue the cooperation with Martin. Unfortunately, this means we have to cancel all upcoming shows until further notice.

This does not mean the end of HAIL OF BULLETS.

The main reason for starting this band eight years ago was our mutual love for real death metal and to have fun playing our favorite kind of music and we did not want to lose this fun part.

We acknowledge the fact that Martin´s a good singer with a distinctive voice but he´s not the only great singer on this planet. We wish him all the best in his future career.

To be continued…

Arlette Huguenin Dumittan
Arlette ist seit 2000 bei vampster und unsere Schweizer Fachfrau für schwarze Musik und vegane Backrezepte. Lieblingsbands: DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM, HAIL OF BULLETS. Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal, Dark Metal/Rock.