ProgPower 2000

ProgPower 2000


Finally we can announce the ProgPower 2000 will go on. The final date is Saturday November 11, 2000. Yesterday we agreed final negotiations with the venue, the festival will happen in Sjiwa, Baarlo, The Netherlands. The capacity of Sjiwa is about 750 people, in the past bands such as Fates Warning, Magnum and Uriah Heep have played there, so it has quite a good reputation. Last year the venue was completely rebuild and it just re-opened its doors.

OPETH from Sweden will headline the festival, other bands you can expect are EVERON (ger), SHADOWKEEP (uk), TWILIGHT (dk), ARABESQUE (hol) and AFTER FOREVER (hol). One more band will be added to the line-up, the winner of the Scandinavian ProgPower Contest.

Check out the official ProgPower website for detailed information, and hopefully we will al see you at ProgPower 2000, to enjoy a full day of our favourite music.


Rene Janssen

ProgPower organization

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