PALADIN: kündigen NEVERMORE Tribute-EP “Anamnesis” an

Die Power / Thrash Metal-Band PALADIN hat mit “Anamnesis” eine neue EP angekündigt. Bei der EP handelt es sich um eine Cover-EP, die ganz in Zeichen von NEVERMORE steht.

Zur Songauswahl meint Gitarrist und Sänger Taylor Washington: “”River Dragon” was an obvious choice since it´s probably their most recognizable song. I wanted to do something from “This Godless Endeavor” since it´s still my favorite NEVERMORE album, and “Final Product” was kind of the default choice since it doesn´t have any super ridiculous hard parts in it. We also wanted to do an older song, one that wasn´t played on a 7 string. The name is a mouthful, but I´ve always been partial to “42147” because it´s filled with great riffs and the subject matter is interesting.”

Mit ausschlaggebend für die Tribute EP war auch ein Treffen mit NEVERMORE-Drummer Van Williams (PURE SWEET HELL) und Taylor Washington erklärt die persönliche Verbindung, die er zu den Power Thrashern aus Seattle hat: “I remember picking up “This Godless Endeavor” from a liquidation sale at a music store back in high school. From the first listen it immediately resonated with me and I knew it would become one of my favorite albums and NEVERMORE one of my favorite bands. When Prosthetic Records proposed the idea of doing a NEVERMORE tribute EP to commemorate Warrel Dane´s death, I honestly hesitated. Jeff Loomis is an absolute monster on guitar and Warrel had one of the most distinct and dynamic voices to grace the metal world. The task of having to do justice to those two and NEVERMORE as a whole was a daunting one, but I couldn´t say no. I decided to sing the songs the way I would rather than try to sound like Warrel since that would feel disingenuous to me.”

“Anamnesis” wird am 13. Dezember 2019 – am Tag, an dem sich der Todestag von WARREL DANE zum zweiten Mal jährt, via Prosthetic Records erscheinen. Das Cover-Artwork stammt von Travis Smith, der auch oft mit NEVERMORE zusammengearbeitet hatte.

PALADIN “Anamnesis” Tracklist

1. The River Dragon has Come
2. Final Product
3. 42147

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