OBITUARY: neues Album "Obituary" im Frühjahr

OBITUARYs zehntes Studioalbum heißt "Obituary" und erscheint am 17. März 2017. Einen Teaser inklusive neuem Song gibt es hier:OBITUARY "Obituary" Albumteaser bei YouTube. Zum Cover, zur Tracklist und einem Kommentar der Band:

OBITUARYs zehntes Studioalbum heißt Obituary und erscheint am 17. März 2017.

Einen Teaser inklusive neuem Song gibt es hier:
OBITUARY Obituary Albumteaser bei YouTube.

Die Tracklist:

1.  Brave
2.  Sentence Day
3.  Lesson In Vengeance
4.  End It Now
5.  Kneel Before Me
6.  It Lives
7.  Betrayed
8.  Turned To Stone
9.  Straight To Hell
10. Ten Thousand Ways To Die

When writing records the song titles and album titles are always the last things on our minds. We know that the songs themselves are the most important thing, so with this our 10th studio album and nearly three decades as a band, we thought it was the perfect time for a self-titled release. It always helps to have a killer album cover so we worked with Andreas Marschall, gave him our ideas and thoughts and asked him to break out the big guns to create an epic logo and he delivered like he always has for Obituary.

The band also added: We could not be any more excited about this new album. We had a blast writing and recording it and having Ken and Terry as part of the writing process was a very cool experience for all of us. We really took our time with the writing process of these new songs, recording riffs and ideas as we went along and recording them as rough mixes then listening back and making necessary changes to help mold them into the songs that we are extremely proud of.

It´s always a challenge in the studio to get the song ideas out of your head onto the recording the way you want but we made sure we were comfortable with the songs and the sounds we were getting before we even hit the record button and it made it a great experience. It´s hard to believe it´s been 2 1/2 years since the release of inked in blood and we are so excited to get this new album into the hands of our fans. Can´t wait for everyone to hear it, hang on to your ass!!!!