GRAVEYARD: Bassist macht Zwangspause

GRAVEYARD: Bassist macht Zwangspause

Bedingt durch die Suchtprobleme von Basser Rikard Edlund haben die Retro-Schweden GRAVEYARD beschlossen, ihn vorerst aus der Band zu nehmen. Rikard bleibt weiterhin Mitglied der Band, er wird die aktuelle Tour jedoch nicht mitspielen, damit er sich in Behandlung begeben kann.

Das Statement der Band: Sometimes in life you have to make decisions that are neither simple nor easy to make. GRAVEYARD have – after a time filled with difficulties and a search for solutions – been forced to make such a decision. Due to personal problems with addiction, it has come to the point where Rikard, to get the proper help, will have to take a break from touring with the band.

Rikard is, without a doubt, still a member of GRAVEYARD, but as things are at the moment it just doesn´t work and something has to be done. The other members give Rikard their full support and the time off needed to try to beat this. How this will affect the band – it is agreed upon by all four members that the show will go on and to do so the band will tour with a stand-in bassplayer.

This has been a far-from-easy decision to make and the timing isn´t the best. But GRAVEYARD as a band has its mind set on being around for a long time to come. And looking at it from that perspective, and Rikard´s personal health, this is the only option. This is all the band has got to say about this somewhat personal matter and we´ll give the final words to Rikard himself: After living the hard life for most of my life, it has come to the point that I have to take a break from playing the music that I love.

Frank Hellweg
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