BURNING WITCHES: Neue Sängerin Guldemond performt neuen Song “Wings Of Steel”

Mit Laura Guldemond (SHADOWRISE) steht ab sofort eine Sängerin bei der Heavy / Power Metal-Band BURNING WITCHES im Line-Up. Eine erste Kostprobe ihres Gesangs wurde mit dem neuen Song “Wings Of Steel” zur Verfügung gestellt, zu welchem auch gleich ein Video produziert worden ist. Die Holländerin ersetzt Seraina Telli (DEAD VENUS, Ex-RIZON), welche die letzten vier Jahre für die Vocals bei der Schweizer Band verantwortlich zeichnete.

Seraina Telli sagt zu ihrem Abgang: “Dear friends, for personal reasons and after much deliberation I´ve decided to fully dedicate myself to my band DEAD VENUS and to leave the band BURNING WITCHES. For the last four years I have had an incredible journey but I feel now that is the time to explore the challenge my own project is offering me. I would like to thank my family, friends and of course the fans for the incredible support. I also thank the band, the label and the management for all their help. There are a lot of beautiful experiences I´ll keep with me forever.”

BURNING WITCHES-Gitarristin Romana Kalkuhl kommentiert den Wechsel am Mikro folgendermaßen: “This is of course a very sad moment for all of us. We have been very close for the last years and have reached a lot together. With great sadness we have to accept that Seriana wants to move on and we wish her the best of luck for that! Your time with the BURNING WITCHES will never be forgotten! For us as a band it is important now to look into the new challenges and the new record – the show must go on! Yes we are super thrilled that we have found Laura so quick over our Dutch connection Sonia Nusselder. We know it is impossible to replace a great voice in exact the same way, that is why Laura is the perfect choice for us. She will bring in her own strength and personality into the WITCHES! We will not change the identity of the band, we will continue playing the music we love!”

BURNING WITCHES “Wings Of Steel” (Video bei YouTube)