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MAGRUDERGRIND: Songs online anhören

"MagrudergrindDie Grindcore Band MAGRUDERGRIND hat zu ihrem selbstbetitelten, neuen Album eine eCard mit drei Songs veröffentlicht:
MAGRUDERGRIND eCard bei Candlelight Records.
Die Tracklist: 1. The Protocols Of Anti-Sound 2. Pulverizing Hate Mongers 3. Rejecting The Militant Promise 4. Assimilated Pollutants 5. Abuse of Philanthropic Self Gain 6. Fools Of Contradiction 7. Heretics 8. Bridge Burner 9. Cranial Media Parasite 10. Excommunicated 11. The Price Of Living By Delinquent Ideals 12. Built To Blast 13. Lyrical Ammunition For Scene Warfare 14. Rise And Fall Of Empires Past 15. Heavier Bombing 16. Martyrs Of The Shoah.