POWERWOLF: erste Single von "Blessed & Possessed" online

POWERWOLF: erste Single von "Blessed & Possessed" online

Die Power Metal-Band POWERWOLF hat mit Army Of The Night den ersten Track ihres kommenden Albums Blessed & Possessed veröffentlicht. Das sechste Album der Saarländer wird am 10. Juli 2015 via Napalm Records erscheinen.

POWERWOLF Army Of The Night bei SoundCloud

Statement der Band:

Army of the night is one of the many songs of Blessed & Possessed we can´t wait to perform live. Already the very first time we played that song during the songwriting, the energy and dynamics literally blew us away and we felt like this is going to be a must-play. While many of the songs on Blessed & Possessed are very detailed and elaborated, this one is probably one of straightest and most compact POWERWOLF songs to date.

Christian Wögerbauer
Christian ist seit 2005 unser Vertreter der Österreicher Metalszene, rezensiert gern im Bereich Symphonic Metal, Doom, Melodic Death und auffallend gern Bands mit Sängerin. Genres: Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Doom.