HATESPHERE: neuer Gitarrist

HATESPHERE: neuer Gitarrist

Jakob Nyholm (DAWN OF DEMISE, KOLDBORN) ist neuer Gitarrist bei HATESPHERE. Sein Vorgänger Henrik Jacobsen hat die Band verlassen, weil im das Touren zu viel wurde. Er sagt zu seinem Ausstieg:

„On August 25 I played my last show with HATESPHERE at the Elsrock Festival in Holland.

The reason that I´m leaving HATESPHERE after 5-plus years of hard work and boozin´ fun on the road is simply that it´s time for me to try new things in life. It was probably one of the hardest decisions I ever took, but I know that this is the right choice for me and the band. Life is all about being true to yourself and do what you love doing right now.

My time in HATESPHERE has given me so many great moments with the guys in the band and all the people who believe in us and came to our shows during the past five years. So a big cheers and thank you to all the bands I´ve toured with, all you fans who came out to join the party with us, but most of all to my friends Bredahl, Pepe, Mixen, Gyldenøhr, Mikael, Dennis, Mads, Tue, Rasmus and Tolderen for all the good times we´ve shared on the road and in the studio.“
Henrik Jacobsen

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