DEATHRITE: geben Details zu "Revelation of Chaos" bekannt

DEATHRITE: geben Details zu "Revelation of Chaos" bekannt

Die Grindcore / Death Metal-Band DEATHRITE hat ihr kommendes Album Revelation of Chaos angekündigt. Das dritte Album des Quartetts aus Dresden wurde in den Hidden Planet Studio in Berlin von Jan Oberg (EARTHSHIP) gemixt und gemastert. Das zehn Tracks umfassende Album, für dessen Artwork Mark Riddick verantwortlich zeichnet, wird am 24. Juli 2015 via Prosthetic Records erscheinen.

Statement von DEATHRITE-Sänger Tony:

Well, we´re pretty stoked with the album. This time, we had a bit more time in the studio and everyone tried to rip as hard as he could, so we think it´s pretty natural why Revelation of Chaos is our heaviest release so far. We chose the title because it fit with every song on the record. It´s kind of an anthem for the next apocalyptic war and we´ve tried to throw you straight into the trench of a bloody battlefield to give you a feeling of devastation and terror! That was the point when we decided we needed to work with Mark for the illustration. We´re huge fans of the brutal artwork he´s put out over the years. We searched for something raw and filthy – nothing fancy, just pure death straight in your face and we think Mark nailed it! So we´re definitely excited as f*ck to show you Revelation of Chaos!


1. Melting Skies (2:57)
2. Circle of Destruction (2:23)
3. Determinate To Rot (4:55)
4. Toxic Hammer (3:32)
5. Mayhem Remains (3:28)
6. Wrathbringer (3:03)
7. Salute To Death (1:57)
8. Swords and Revolt (3:35)
9. Predator (3:29)
10. Infernal Domination (4:59)

Christian Wögerbauer
Christian ist seit 2005 unser Vertreter der Österreicher Metalszene, rezensiert gern im Bereich Doom / Death / Black / Thrash und auffallend gern Bands mit Sängerin. Genres: Death Metal, Doom-Death Metal, Doom Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Sludge.