CYBERNETIC WITCH CULT: Camus inspiriertes Video vom “Absurdum ad Nauseam” Album

Die Stoner / Psychedelic Rock-Band CYBERNETIC WITCH CULT hat mit “The Myth Of Sisyphus” einen Video-Clip ihres kommenden Albums “Absurdum ad Nauseam” veröffentlicht. Der Song lehnt sich dabei an den gleichnamigen philosophischen Essay von Albert Camus.

“Absurdum ad Nauseam” beschäftigt sich aber auch zur Gänze mit gesellschaftlichen Problemen – unter anderem auch mit dem Klimawandel. “I first took climate change seriously at university in 2010”, erklärt Sänger und Gitarrist Alex Wyld. “During my Astrophysics degree I opted for a course called “Energy and the Environment” and during our first lecture a student asked the professors “what are our chances like?” and the lecturers gave a solumn look to each other and said “very bleak with the current state of affairs”, everyone had a solumn feeling after that lecture and I think the state of things have gotten worse since then. I do worry for the future, and I think that´s partly why this album turned out so much heavier and more serious than our older material. But you have to hope that things will improve and that the people who are in power will start to actually make some policy changes to safeguard our civilisation´s future.”

Das neue Album von CYBERNETIC WITCH CULT wurde von Sam Thredder (SLABDRAGGER) im The Cro´s Nest in London produziert. Das gewohnt farbenfrohe Cover-Artwork stammt wie zuletzt von Aimee Wyld (ISLE OF AVALON).

“Absurdum ad Nauseam” wird am 6. Dezember 2019 erscheinen.

CYBERNETIC WITCH CULT “Absurdum ad Nauseam” Tracklist

1. Intro
2. Hypercomputer (Part 1)
3. Cromagnonaut
4. The Cetacean
5. The Ivory Tower
6 . Spice
7 . The Myth of Sisyphus (Video bei YouTube)
8 . Hypercomputer (Part 2)