HAMMERHAERT RECORDS: Machen unter anderem Namen weiter

HAMMERHAERT RECORDS: Machen unter anderem Namen weiter

HAMMERHEART RECORDS werden in Zukunft unter dem Namen KARMAGEDDON MEDIA arbeiten. Die Labelbosse Peter van Ool und Guido Heijnens haben sich entschieden, unter neuem Namen neu anzufangen. Ab 1. Oktober werden alle ehemaligen HAMMERHEART Releases und die neuen KARMAGEDDOn Veröffentlichungen über PLASTIC HEAD DISTRIBUTION vertrieben. Ein ausführliches Statement von Guido Heijnens gibt es hier in Anhang:

After months of thinking, talking, evaluating plans and contracts HAMMERHEART RECORDS have decided to call it a day! But we are not simply leaving all this behind… how could we ever ?

Both owners Peter van Ool and Guido Heijnens have decided to re-start a new label under the name KARMAGEDDON MEDIA !!!

Of course with the same quality and impact as Hammerheart Records used to have.

Why ?

We simply got a bit tired of some of the things happening in the music-industry, especially the attitude of some people was too much for us, we had to change things drastically or stopping was the only option. We ran into problems and what I would call anti-social behaviour too often and frequently.

This new label is done in very close co-operation with PLASTIC HEAD DISTRIBUTION, who will exclusively distribute KARMAGEDDON MEDIA starting October 1st 2003.

We feel secure and positive that under the wings of our big independent brothers working at PLASTIC HEAD DISTRIBUTION we get more chances to develop and grow in a steady and reliable way.

The artists and the catalogue of HAMMERHEART RECORDS are transferred to KARMAGEDDON MEDIA and we will soon inform everyone on our release-schedule.

Guido Heijnens

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