DENATA: aufgelöst

DENATA: aufgelöst

DENATA haben sich aufgelöst. Grund für den Split war fehlende Inspiration in den letzten Wochen und Monaten, dadurch ging der Spaß an der Band, der für die Musiker immer im Vordergrund stand, verloren.

Das Originalstatement gibt es hier im Anhang:

April 25 the day we never thought would come… but it did. The lack of inspiration has been overwhelmed the last months and our motto has always been to do what we do because it’s fun. It hasn’t been fun the latest months and because of that we have decided to move on and do something totally different to get the inspiration back. You will probably see us in different bands in the future but right now we just need to settle down and do nothing for a while. Metal is our life and I’m pretty sure we’ll meet again, somehow, somewhere…

We wish to thank all our fans, radiostations, magazines and all other that have supported Denata during these six years of moshing, without you we would never have made it this far. Also we wish to raise our axes for Scott Heckner and Phil Fasciana at Arctic Music Group for all the great years working together.

No more interviews will be answered.

Now the corpses are waiting so we need to move on…

Total fucking thrash attack!!!!

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