SYMPHORCE: Schlagzeuger Sascha Sauer verlässt die Band

SYMPHORCE: Schlagzeuger Sascha Sauer verlässt die Band

SYMPHORCE-Schlagzeuger Sascha Sauer verlässt die Band. Das offizielle Statement:

Right after an amazing tour, Sascha suddenly decided to leave after more than 4 years in the band. His decision was based on personal reasons.

But since we have to take things as they come, we´re proud to announce two guest drummers for the shows that are already booked and confirmed!

We will be helped out by Andy Flache (who is well known as one of our chief roadies from hell) and Steffen Theurer (ex-Chinchilla/Woodpeckers). We hope to get everything fixed in time and hope Sascha will find his way.

We´re looking forward to even more amazing shows and are ready to rock da house!

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