EIDOLON: Nils K. Rue ersetzt Pat Mulock

EIDOLON: Nils K. Rue ersetzt Pat Mulock

Wieder einmal gibt es einen Sängerwechsel bei den kanadischen Power-Metallern EIDOLON: aus persönlichen und hauptsächlich musikalischen Gründen haben sich Glen, Shawn und Adrian von Pat Mulock getrennt. Anstatt erneut in Nordamerika nach einem neuen Sänger zu suchen, haben EIDOLON den naheliegenden Weg beschritten und sind an PAGAN´S MIND-Sänger Nils K. Rue herangetreten, mit dem die Drover-Brüder derzeit am ersten DIMENSION INFINITE-Album arbeiten. Dieser hat vom Fleck weg zugesagt und ist somit der neue Frontmann von EIDOLON.

Hier das Original-Statement von Schlagzeuger Shawn Drover:

This update is to inform that we have decided to part ways with our singer, Pat Mulock for reasons of both a musical and personal nature. I express no interest in giving any childish, gory details or go into any specific´s as to why we have decided to take this path – it simply wasent working for us anymore on a musical level mostly , so in all fairness to the band, a change is nessesary at this point in time – we do wish Pat luck on his future musical endeavors.

So once again we are left with the arduous position of trying to find a new family member, as it were – A task ( and I think I speak for Glen and Adrian here as well ) that we are not fond of. At this juncture of the game finding the right guy for the job 1 who expresses the same musical goals as well as sharing the same outlook on this retarded business and NOT be dissillutional about it is not an easy thing – we certainly don´t do this for money – if we did, we certainly are playing the wrong type of music!!!!!!!!!!! we do this for completely selfish reasons, which to me, is the ONLY reason to play music – to express ouselves in a genuine fashion and not bow to any pathetic trends – in the end, we do this for ourselves 1st and hope to expand our fan base with each release.

As well, the right vocalist has to be great in all facet´s – melodic, wide range of vocal style´s, great frontman and 1 who can rip your face off in a live setting – in other words, a complete pro!!!!!! unfortunately – this type of vocalist does not grow on tree´s here in North America – Europe however, is a different story, so we decided to try a different approach in finding who we were looking for…….

It didn´t take too long to figure out who we wanted to fill this position – Since late December, Glen and myself have been working on a record called DIMENSION INFINTE which also features 3 members of a band called Pagans Mind, who, in my opinion, are a fantastic metal-progish style band from Norway ( great guys as well, actually ) their singer – Nils.K.Rue is lending his talents for this record, in which he, Ronni and Steinar ( bass and keyboards, respectively ) are currently working on as I write this. After seeing Pagans Mind last fall at Progpower festival, I was blown away on how great of a live performer Nils was – something that now has played a part on us approaching him to become the new singer for EIDOLON. In my opinion, Nils has all the elements of we want in a great singer, so after contacting him and offering him the job, I am happy to say that Nils.K.Rue is now the new vocalist for EIDOLON!!!!!!

We are very excited about the future of the band, and we are very much looking forword to start recording the next Eidolon record, which will happen in early fall-2004!!!!!!!!!