Nachdem sich CANDLEMASS im Mai aufgelöst hatten, weil sich die Bandmitglieder nicht auf eine musikalische Zukunft einigen konnten, vermelden sie heute, dass es im Sommer ein neues Album geben soll. Das Studio ist bereits gebucht, am 26. November beginnt die Band im Stockholmer Polar Studio mit den Aufnahmen eines neuen Albums. Ein Statement von Leif Edling gibt es im Anhang:

I had a bunch of pretty cool songs, talked to Mappe quite a lot during the summer and we both agreed it would be stupid not to do anything with it. At Mappes wedding in august we all went up on a small stage and performed Samarithan and Solitude with pink guitars plus a really shitty sound. We were all absolutely drunk and we had suits and everything on us, but it was great fun!! I think it was that occasion that made us reconsider.

Shortly after I started to roughly demo some new tracks. I think I like did five tracks in a couple of weeks with a friend helping out.

Then we had a meeting and decided to resurrect Candlemass, book the studio, and send out a three song demo to the record companies a.s.a.p.

So we recorded “Black Dwarf” and “Spellbreaker” and put “Witches” from the previous demo on it and I think the demo is on the way to the labels right now actually.

Yes, we have two weeks in Polar booked without a deal, ha-ha!! But I’m not worried. I’m sure some smart label guy realize that a new Candlemass album can outsell most of the usual crap that is released today.

We are a unique band with a unique sound and next summer will belong to Candlemass!

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