USURPER: Band aufgelöst

USURPER: Band aufgelöst

USURPER haben sich aufgelöst. In einer Mitteilung auf der MYSpace-Seite der Band heißt es, dass Bestzungswechsel, Labelangelegenheiten und fehlende Kommunikation zwischen den Bandmitgliedern die Gründe seien. Erst vor wenigen Tagen hatte die Band ein neues Album angekündigt, daraus wird nun nichts. Gitarrist Rick will sich auf seine andere Band NIGHTSHADE konzentrieren, und auch Bassist Jon and Gitarrist Chris wollen weiter Musik machen. Das Original-Statement:

After 13 and a half years, five studio albums and hundreds of concerts in 17 different countries around the world, USURPER has come to an end. Everyone in USURPER would like to thank their die-hard fans and friends for over a decade of metal insanity! This decision was very hard for the members of the band, but as the saying goes, all things must come to an end.

Although the decision to end USURPER wasn´t easy, it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, between member changes, label issues and lack of communication between the remaining band members, now was the time to nail up the USURPER coffin so to speak.

The official MySpace page will still be maintained and we will try to keep everyone updated on what the remaining band members are up to. Rick has started a new band called NIGHTSHADE and Jon and Chris will also pursue other musical outlets. Be sure to check this MySpace page in the near future, for news about such musical endeavors.

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