BARREN EARTH: dritte Single von “A Complex Of Cages”


BARREN EARTH haben mit “The Ruby” den dritten Song vom neuen Album “A Complex Of Cages” veröffentlicht. Das Album kommt am 30. März 2018 raus. Die erste Single “Further Down” gibt es seit Anfang Februar als Digitalrelease. “Withdrawal” war der zweite Preview-Track.

ZU BARREN EARTH gehören Gitarrist Sami Yli-Sirniö, Sänger Jón Aldará (HAMFERD), Gitarrist Janne Perttilä (RYTMIHÄIRIÖ, MOONSORROW), Bassist Olli-Pekka Laine (MANNHAI, CHAOSBREED, ex-AMORPHIS) und Schlagzeuger Marko Tarvonen (MOONSORROW).

Sänger Jón sagt über  “A Complex Of Cages”:  “For me, this truly feels like a transcendental album for us. The songwriting dynamics have changed quite drastically since ‘On Lonely Towers’, and even though every song is quite unmistakably Barren Earth, the album as a whole brings us towards something stranger.”

“Lyrically, the album follows a theme that fits the instability of the music, namely the isolating aspect of suffering from different mental issues such as manic depression, psychopathy and agoraphobia.”

Bassist Oppu ergänzt:  “Like Barren Earth’s previous works, the album’s material varies from straightforward standards to experimental opuses. Still, the red line is there, and every song asserts its place in the whole. Brutal death metal, artsy prog rock, pompous melodies with dozens of layers… This music has been crafted without any external pressure, radiating utter spiritual liberation.”

BARREN EARTH “A Complex Of Cages” Tracklist

1 . The Living Fortress
2 . The Ruby
3 . Further Down
4 . Zeal
5 . Scatterprey
6 . Solitude Pith
7 . Dysphoria
8 . Spire
9 . Withdrawal

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