SOLUTION.45: Bassist Anders Edlund steigt aus

SOLUTION.45: Bassist Anders Edlund steigt aus

SOLUTION.45 und Anders Edlund gehen ab sofort getrennte Wege. Zwischen der Band und ihrem ehemaligen Bassist gebe es kein böses Blut, sondern zeitliche und organisatorische Probleme gaben den Ausschlag für Anders, seinen Posten zu räumen, um der Band ein gesundes Wachstum zu ermöglichen. Einen Nachfolger haben die verbliebenen Musiker noch nicht bekannt gegeben.

Das Statement von Anders Edlund im Original:

Ladies and Gentlemen!

A sad moment has appeared in my musical life. This is the moment when I say farewell to the job as bass player in SOLUTION.45.

I entered the band in spring 2008 after being asked to join by my good, old friend Christian Älvestam. When he played the demo-tapes, that would later lead to the album For Aeons Past,  I knew instantly that it would be a real privilege for me to handle the pulse in this band. Great songs with diversity and epicenes mixed with Christian´s fabulous voice. Amongst the best I´d ever heard.

SOLUTION.45 started out as a not-knowing-what-will-happen band. Five guys that didn´t have a clue how people would react to the music. But with time we received new members (Patrik) new fans and opportunities. Now, all of us have come to the conclusion that we need to put more effort into SOLUTION.45. Meaning more rehearsals, gigs etc. It´s just that…for me it´s impossible right now. My private situation makes it impossible to put as much effort into this machinery needed and as I would want to in order to make the best possible outcome. And in order not to be a hindrance for the other guys on their journey I simply choose to stand aside. I have to state that I´ve loved every moment throughout the years with this band and I had the privilege to sum it all up with the show at Progpower USA in September 2012. Where we, not only made a hell-of-a show, also met fans and new friends that I hope I will have for the rest of my life.

I have the biggest respect for my Swedish and Finnish brothers in SOLUTION.45. I´m sure they will keep this machinery going and there are no hard feelings between us at all since this is a decision made through mutual understanding. I simply just want them to continue spreading the fabulous music of SOLUTION.45. 

To my brothers Christian, Patrik, Tom, Rolle, Jani:  Best of luck with the band and thank you for 4 fantastic and memorable years with moments I´ll never forget. It´s time to turn the page, though.

SOLUTION.45-fan: Keep supporting this Nordic Alliance. And thanks to all of you who supported me and the band from day one. You`re the ones making it all worth, in the end. Hopefully one day our roads will be crossed because one thing is for sure..I won´t stop playing the music I´ve loved for so long. So don´t be surprised if you see me in some other constellation in the future. When my personal situation is different.

Florian Schaffer
Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore, Post Metal, Progressive, Rock, Thrash Metal.