PANTHEIST: formieren sich neu

PANTHEIST: formieren sich neu

Die beiden Urmitglieder der Goth-Funeral-Doom-Band PANTHEIST, Kostas und Nicolas, werden in Zukunft mit neuen Musikern weiter machen. Aufgrund der räumlichen Distanz zwischen den Bandmitgliedern, sahen sich die beiden zu diesem Schritt gezwungen. In Groß-Britannien werden die Bandgründer nun neue Musiker um sich scharen, wobei Mark und Andy von ESOTERIC zunächst als Session-Instrumentalisten bei den Aufnahmen zum neuen Album Amartia aushelfen werden. Das zweite Full-Lenght-Werk der Band soll im September/Oktober 2004 entstehen.

Hier die Original-Newsmeldung:

Pantheïst has always been more than just a hobby; It is a part of my essence, the expression of my dark side, the suppressed voice of irrationality, the ID inside of me. Considering its importance for my personal expression and -indeed- my mental health, it is no wonder then that the band has known a quite turbulent existence thus far. Starting out as a two-man project of Nicolas and myself, we have evolved to an important entity in the doom metal scene which has toured and played with some of the best and most respected bands in the scene.

We have recorded a critically acclaimed debut album, toured with Skepticism and Until Death Overtakes Me and- despite many line-up changes in a short time- made it recently to a second tour and a gig at the Doom Shall Rise festival, surely a highlight in the career of every self-respecting doom band.

However during this last tour, one thing became painfully clear: the distance between the band members -a problem since the first steps of the band- had made it impossible for us to rehearse enough for the gigs and -more importantly- to consider ourselves as part of a band. The members didn´t see each other much and therefore didn´t know each other well enough; the result was five individuals who all had different expectations of what it means to play for this band.

Under the current circumstances, only two options seemed to pop up: the band would either need to change drastically its way of functioning- or disband. Obviously, considering my investment in the band, breaking up was the last thing I thought of. I feel that I still have so much to offer -purely musically speaking- through this medium, that it would be a pity to erase what has been so carefully constructed after aeons of sweat, blood and tears.

It is therefore with great reluctance that I took the decision to relocate the band to my current place of living. Obviously not all band members could follow me to the UK and of course I can´t blame them as I know from personal experience how mentally exhausting it is to see a dream turning into a nightmare because of time consuming and expensive travelling for the rehearsals. I am fortunate enough to still have Nicolas in the band though, who decided to stay and continue to pour his heart and soul into Pantheïst.

So Pantheïst has come full circle now, retaining only the two original members that started it all. Like a creature of the night it still lingers in the dark place it claimed for itself, determined to adapt to all external pressures and changes. It is therefore with great pleasure and honour that we can announce that two of the finest musicians we know have offered to help us out on our next album. None less than Mark and Andy from Esoteric shall contribute as session musicians on `Amartia`, our second opus to be recorded around September/October 2004.

If a conclusion is to be made, then it could be no other than that it is now time for us to move on, but without forgetting to thank first all former members that have helped to shape Pantheïst into the force to be reckoned with that it has become.