MOS GENERATOR & DI’AUL: zweiter Song der Split-LP

MOS GENERATOR & DI’AUL: zweiter Song der Split-LP

MOS GENERATOR und DI’AUL haben sich für eine 5-Track-Split LP zusammengetan. Die Platte erscheint am 25. September 2020 via Argonauta Records.

MOS GENERATOR haben drei alte Demo-Songs beigesteuert, darunter die Single „I Spoke To Death„. DI’AUL haben dagegen zwei neue Songs aufgenommen. „The House On The Edge Of The World“ von Letzteren kann man sich nun vorab bei YouTube anhören.

Tony Reed von MOS GENERATOR erklärt, was es mit der Split auf sich hat: „The plundering of the Vaults continues with three demos recorded between May 2014 and June 2018. All three of these songs were recorded live in our rehearsal space and then layers were added later in the studio. There are a few interesting things about these songs. First, they are loosely arranged ideas that were only played two or three times before we recorded them, and I think that is what helps give them the raw edge that they have. And two, there is a crossover of band line-ups. On the Pink Floyd cover „Fearless“, original drummer Shawn Johnson is playing with second line-up bassist Sean Booth. That has happened before with other configurations and I enjoy it. Someday I would like to record with both rhythm sections at once.“


A Side Mos Generator – “Plundering of the Vaults : Vol II”
1. I Spoke to Death (Audio bei YouTube)
2. The Paranoid
3. Fearless ( Pink Floyd Cover )

B Side Di’Aul
1. The House on the Edge of the World (Video bei YouTube)
2. Three Ladies

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