GOATESS: ohne Sänger!

GOATESS: ohne Sänger!

Sänger Christian “Chritus” Linderson (COUNT RAVEN, TERRA FIRMA, SAINT VITUS) hat gestern seinen Ausstieg bei der schwedischen Doom Metal-Band GOATESS bekannt gegeben. Die Gründe sind persönlicher Natur, sollen aber nicht breitgetreten werden. Für die Bandkollegen kam seine Entscheidung überraschend, sie suchen nun einen neuen Sänger. Wer sich hierzu berufen fühlt kann sich z.B. über die Facebookseite der Stockholmer Band melden.

GOATESS: Bandseite bei Facebook

GOATESS online hören:

GOATESS: “Purgatury Under New Management” bei youtube

GOATESS: “Wrath Of God” bei youtube


Chritus zu seinem überraschenden Ausstieg:

“So yeah, I left the band Goatess. Far from an easy decision, believe you me, and not exactly done on a whim. A sense of personal relief and crushing sadness at the same time. I meant to write a bit more elaborate speech on band page about it but too little too late. Oh, the irony. Just want to express my gratitude and thank everyone for the good times we had. Fans and friends, and by all means members (former and newer), other bands we got to share stage with and so forth. A fantastic journey, manifested in two albums that I´m very proud of. Not bad for an idea originated sitting around a kitchen table. A special shoutout to Barla Horn, Ron Debie and I.B.S, Jarkko and everyone at SVART records. Cheers. / Chritus”

Das sagt Gitarrist Niklas J Stoner:

“So…..this forces me to respond! Chritus has not been fired/kicked or anything else! Chritus left yesterday, and I am sick and sadend to the bone because of this! We have been through personal hells all of us making and maintining this band a very difficult task. Now, whats left is the creative engine, the motor the song writing! And as fucking rockers we have no alternative but to continue and we will! With that said, Chritus you are and have always been my brother and I wish things were different and im gonna miss the one person that could help and be an anchor in our madness…. if that makes any sense?
Very friendly regards”

Frank Hellweg
Lebensmotto "stay slow", Doomer halt.... Love & Peace geht auch immer, nur ohne Musik geht nichts!