BLOODBATH: ohne Dan Swanö

BLOODBATH: ohne Dan Swanö

BLOODBATH und Dan Swanö gehen ab sofort getrennte Wege. Laut dem Rest der Band war Swanö nicht bereit auf Tour zu gehen oder Livegigs zu absolvieren. Ebenso seien musikalische Differenzen ein weiterer Grund, da Dan Swanö BLOODBATH in eine softere Richtung lenken wollte.
Dan Swanö hat sich allerdings zum Split auch zu Wort gemeldet.

Statement von Dan Swanö:

Hi there!!

I figured there would be a lot of questions
circulating about me out of Bloodbath so
I just would like to make a few comments
before the rumours kicks in.
I received an email from Blakkheim today
where I saw that my services as a member of
Bloodbath was no longer required.
I must admit I didn´t see that one coming!!
But… can totally see what the other guys
are thinking about.
(Tried to do the same to the E.O.S. guys in 97
…….but that one backfired pretty badly..ha, ha!!)
Blakkheim and Jonas are touring musicians,
living off their metal and I would just be
in their way with the constant
Sorry I can´t go on tour because bla bla bla, that´s cool..
Concerning the musical differences, I am a bit confused.
As far as I can remember,
I haven´t even discussed the direction of my
future Bloodbath tracks.
The announcement say that I tried to get
Bloodbath in a Moontower/Crimson direction…that is not right…
I have toyed with the idea to make a new album,
using my own name, and revisit the
style of those albums…oh yes…
what is a bit funny is that I actually wanted
to write a bit more brutal songs for
Bloodbath the next time.
I got inspired by working with the Coldworker
album and the urge to write some complex,
fast fucken brutal death came creeping back.
(I have not always written TRL-Death Metal u know..
Infestdead and some of the early E.O.S.
material is kind of brutal, isn´t it???)
Anyway. I just wanted to clearify
that I was NOT trying to pussify Bloodbath
and therefore got kicked out…
where this rumour came from and how the guys
(without asking) just decided that I was on a
different level musically..remains a mystery.
I wish the guys all the best and hope they ask
nice if they can play my songs live for you

Dan Swanö