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INFECTED RAIN, ALL HAIL THE YETI, ANCHORAGE: Konzertbericht – Backstage Halle, München – 26.07.2023

Trotz neuer Besetzung lassen sich INFECTED RAIN kaum bremsen: Im Rahmen der "Heyday"-Tour macht das Moldauer Quartett gemeinsam mit ALL HAIL THE YETI und ANCHORAGE auch in München Halt, wo im Rahmen des "Free&Easy"-Festivals bei freiem Eintritt volles Haus garantiert ist.

ALL HAIL THE YETI: Video-Clip zu "Daughter Of The Morning Star"

"AllHailTheYeti_Screams"Die Southern Rock / Metalcore-Band ALL HAIL THE YETI hat mit "Daughter Of The Morning Star" einen Video-Clip zu ihrem kommenden Album "Screams from a Black Wilderness" veröffentlicht. Der "All Hail the Yeti"-Nachfolger und das insgesamt zweite Album der US-Amerikaner wird am 6. Mai 2016 via Minus Head Records erscheinen.

ALL HAIL THE YETI "Daughter Of The Morning Star" bei YouTube

ALL HAIL THE YETI: Vertrag mit AFM Records

Die Southern Metal- / Sludge-Band ALL HAIL THE YETI hat einen Plattenvertrag bei AFM RECORDS unterschrieben. Das Debütalbum der Amerikaner soll bereits im August 2012 erscheinen. Sänger Connor Garritty kommentiert den Schritt seiner Band wie folgt:

"This is a dream come true for us. We have worked so hard to get to this point, and are very excited to be a part of the AFM family. When we started talking to them it was immediately apparent that they understood who we are and what we´ve been trying to do. It´s been a long road for us, simply trying to stand on our own. To write good, solid songs while remaining as heavy as anyone out there - especially here in Los Angeles. Our record not only sums up where we´ve been over the past few years but more importantly, where we´re going. We put all of our blood and sweat into it and it shows. There needs to be a cleansing in the heavy metal world! We are the hundred year storm, to wash away the filth!!! Follow us into the Woods!"
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