VED BUENS ENDE: sind zurück

VED BUENS ENDE: sind zurück

Nachdem Czral von seinem Sturz aus dem fünften Stock genesen ist, sind VED BUENS ENDE zurück und schreiben wieder neue Songs. Da Czrals Fußgelenke und Füße gelähmt sind, wird er sich fortan nur noch aufs Gitarrespielen konzentrieren. Als Drummer fungiert Einar Necrodevil Sjursø.

Offizielles Statement von Czral:

We`re riding on a current. Back on track.

First of all, I`d like to thank you all for your support, and for your kind remarks on the rehersal-recordings of our new music.

As you may or may not know, I`ve been in different hospitals and rehabilitation-clinics for 18 months, until two months ago when I moved back home.

The injuries on my body was so severe. The kind of pain recovering from a fall from 5th floor makes you do your best to escape reality. It generates some clean thinking. I realised Ved Buens Ende is one of the most important aspects of my life.

I am now fully recovered from my accident. Through my convalescence, I decided that we had to reform our band. I suggested it to the other creative half of VBE, and we started writing songs right away.

Vicotnik and myself have realised that VBE is in the core of our creativity.

Together we exhumed our band.

We are back, in all the sense of the word. We reherse, we make music and we try to demonstrate that we`re present again.

Obviously I can`t play drums now. I`m paralysed in my ankles and feet (luckily not from the weist). So I focus solely on guitar these days. Its nice to finally have only one instrument to entertain. Rather than practising two instruments (drums/guitar), playing them equally shabby, I play one instrument better.

Einar Sjursø is with us now. Better known as Necrodevil. We call him EINARR!!!. He was the obvious choice for a drummer. He plays fluent and eccentric. Just the way we want it.

Initially, the lineup from my old band Virus; Einar, me and Plenum (bass), was gonna mutate into VBE (adding Vicotnik ofcourse). But circumstances forced Plenum to leave the band. He`s one of Norways best bassplayers (across all genres). We miss him… we wish him all the best for the future.

The lineup is now me;Czral-Michael (guitar/song), Vicotnic(guitar, voice), Einarr (drums). We`re probably using Bjørn Boge (infamous Norwegian rock-bassplayer) as a session-member on the album and live-performances in the future, but we dont know yet.

Our former bass-player, Hugh S. Scoll J. Mingay, is the boss of a motoguzzi motorcycle repair-shop these days. He simply hasnt got the time for Ved Buens Ende. Not nice, but unevetable. He loves his bikes more than anything. I think he has three or four of them.

If he wants to return, he`s welcome.

Thats it for now, I wont bore you with any more crap. I`ll update this blog when something happens.

Sennep er så godt at jeg nesten må dø!

Arlette Huguenin Dumittan
Arlette ist seit 2000 bei vampster und unsere Schweizer Fachfrau für schwarze Musik und vegane Backrezepte. Lieblingsbands: DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM, HAIL OF BULLETS. Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal, Dark Metal/Rock.