SOULS OF DIOTIMA: Video-Clip vom neuen Progressive Symphonic Metal Album “Janas” aus Sardinien

Die Progressive Symphonic Metal-Band SOULS OF DIOTIMA hat mit “The Dark Lady” einen Video-Clip von ihrem aktuellen Album “Janas” veröffentlicht. Es ist das vierte Album der italienischen Band aus Sardinien.

“Janas” baut auf das Vogängeralbum “The Sorceress Reveals – Atlantis” auf und erzählt abermals Geschichten und Legenden von der italienischen Insel Sardinien.

“We have a shared interest in the history and culture of the peoples of the sea, of the Mediterranean, and we are one of them”, erklärt Drummer Giorgio Pinna. “Much of Western history is rooted in the tales of the peoples of the sea, skilled conquerors who crossed the seas to conquer new lands or to defend their own. But there is more. Within Sardinia there are places that often remain undiscovered. Far from the more accessible touristic locations, these places are steeped in stories both true and fictitious, which we were often told during our childhood, and which probably formed the basis of our personality and the way we see the world.”

Das neue Album von SOULS OF DIOTIMA ist am 29. Januar 2021 via Rockshots Records erschienen.

SOULS OF DIOTIMA “Janas” Tracklist

1. The Black Mask (Lyric-Video bei YouTube)
2. Sleep Demon
3. The Princess Of Navarra
4. Janas (Lyric-Video bei YouTube)
5. The Dark Lady (Video bei YouTube)
6. Ichnos Superhero
7. My Roots
8. Maty
9. Mediterranean Lane
10. Sherden