CRYONIC TEMPLE: Erste Infos zum kommenden Album

CRYONIC TEMPLE: Erste Infos zum kommenden Album

Rapid Fire ist der Titel des neuen CRYONIC TEMPLE-Albums, das im kommenden Jahr veröffentlicht werden soll. Musikalisch will man da anknüpfen, wo man mit Blood, Guts & Glory aufgehört hat, die 14 zur Auswahl stehenden Stücke sollen dabei kräftiger, roher und griffiger ausfallen.

Erste Songtitel und die Beschreibungen der Band selbst:

Rapid Fire (heavy faster song): about trying to stay alive and taking down the madman during a gunfight. Powerful chorus with great guitarleads and neoclassical harmonies.

Shark Attack (Midtempo HeavyMetal song): about going fishing and becoming drunk and falling overboard off a boat. Metaphor about being deceived and getting revenge. This song is a great favorite among bikerfriends!

Travellers in Time (Fast Speedmetal with a catchy chorus): About the insanity of trusting everything to science and the consequence of a scienceexperiment going haywire. Great lyrics, excellent chorus and with oldschool Cryonic Temple guitarharmonies!

Eternal Flames of Metal (Fast Speedmetal with a singalong chorus): The name says it all and this powermetal anthem will be a killer live! It will crush the posers and wannabies into the ground!

Workingtitles and/or currently rewriting the lyrics

Darkest Hour (the Beast Within) (Raw fast Metal): About the enemy within ourselves. The beast within our minds corrupting our souls. This song is fast, furious and raw with trash elements, wild guitars and deadly wicked chorus.

Power Metal (Through the Fields of Fire) (Speedmetal with an awesome catchy chorus): About being in war and beating the enemies down to the ground.

The Dark Masquerade (progressivepower song): An assasination in medieval Venice. Exciting instrumentalparts as well as very epic chorus.

When Hell Freezes Over (fast heavyrocker): Lyrics are about the mediacorruption of peoples minds.