CHRISTWVRKS: Video vom neuen Noise / Electronic / Black Album “Messiah Complex”

Die Noise / Electronic / Black Metal-Band CHRISTWVRKS hat einen Labeldeal bei Apocalyptic Witchcraft Records unterschrieben. Diese sieht unter anderem den Release des neuen Albums „Messiah Complex” vor, zu welchem es nun mit “A New Corpse” einen Video-Clip gibt.

„Messiah Complex” ist das erste Album des Multimedia-Projekts von Jamie Christ (GODHOLE) und wird am 8. August 2020 erscheinen. Zum Labeldeal meint der Schotte: „It almost seemed impossible to find a label that would understand what CHRISTWVRKS is all about. Not just an act playing shows but an always changing and shifting art form, art rooted in extreme music, sadness, and depravity. But Apocalyptic Witchcraft simply get it and I physically fist pumped the air like in a bad 80s movie when they showed interest in releasing my art after I sent demos to a number of labels I would have liked to work with.“

CHRISTWVRKS “A New Corpse” (Video bei YouTube)