ARDUINI/BALICH: gemeinsames Projekt von Brain und Victor

ARDUINI/BALICH: gemeinsames Projekt von Brain und Victor

Victor Arduini, Mitgründer/Gitarrist von FATES WARNING, FREEDOMS REIGN, hat ein gemeinsames Projekt gestartet mit Brain Butch Balich, Stimme von ARGUS, Ex-PENANCE. Seine Leidenschaft für Doom-Metal zeigte er ja bereits auf dem letzten WHILE HEAVEN WEPT-Album Suspended At Aphelion mit einigen Gitarreneinlagen. Unter dem Banner ARDUINI/BALICH soll im Frühling 2016 das erste Album veröffentlicht werden. Die Musik ist bereits im Kasten, aktuell werden die Vocals aufgenommen. Den Song Forever Fade kann man sich bereits auf ihrer Bandcamp-Seite anhören.

ARDUINI/BALICH: Song Forever Fade bei bandcamp anhören

Das sagt Victor Arduini zum Projekt: I wanted to really challenge myself again with the writing process and push the boundaries of my progressive past with my current love of doom-styled metal.
This is more of a solo effort of music, adding the incredible vocals and lyrics of Brian into the mix, which can only be described as a doom-laden progressive wall of metal.
We were anxious to let people know of our collaboration and decided to release a song early to get some interest going. Currently all the music is recorded and we will be putting down the vocals over the next few months hoping for a spring 2016 release.
The first release Forever Fade is a straightforward chugging and charging onslaught of power of both music and voice. I can only describe the rest of the CD as songs that musically go in all directions, all time changes and moods. It contains some very dark heavy pieces of music and intricate arrangements that blend our two worlds together. It is very progressive at times and should please many hardcore fans of both of us.

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