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IAN GILLAN: Doppel-Livealbum ´Live in Anaheim´

Am 26. Februar 2008 erscheint "Live in Ananheim", ein Mitschnitt der 2006er Tour von IAN GILLAN. Die Songs für die Doppel-CD wurden beim Konzert am 16.09.2006 im House Of Blues in Anaheim, USA, aufgenommen.

Die Tracklist von "Live in Anaheim":
CD 1: "Second Sight (Intro)," "No Laughing in Heaven", "Into The Fire", "Hang Me Out To Dry", "Have Love I´ll Travel", "Wasted Sunsets", "No Responsible", "No Worries", "Rivers Of Chocolate", "Unchain The Rain"
CD 2: "Bluesy Blue Sea", "Moonshine", "Texas State Of Mind", "Sugar Plum", "When A Blind Man Cries", "Men Of War", "Drum Solo", "Smoke On The Water", "Trouble", "Knocking At Your Back Door"